This year gift while also giving back! - TRADES OF HOPE

This year gift while also giving back! - TRADES OF HOPE

Their Story- 

As a mother-daughter team, we created Trades of Hope after learning about the atrocities women face around the world (and the U.S.). The lack of jobs for women forces mothers to give up their kids to orphanages, increase women’s risk of being trafficked, and keeps them in a cycle of poverty and social oppression.

We knew we had to use the privilege we were born into to create a platform for women to show the world what they are capable of.

We’ve traveled the world to listen to these women, and this is one thing they taught us: THEY DON’T WANT CHARITY. THEY WANT AN OPPORTUNITY.

While our handbags and jewelry may seem frivolous at first glance, every purchase supports a woman leading her family out of poverty. She doesn’t need pity or charity. She’s proud to be providing for her kids and being the hero of her own story. So, no. Our accessories aren’t frivolous. They’re physical representations of women using their skills and rising around the world.


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