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DIDYMOS Magic Forest Marsala (Linen Blend)

DIDYMOS Magic Forest Marsala (Linen Blend)

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Release Date: March 7, 2019
Colors: Red-Brown, Ecru
Fabric Composition: Linen Blend
Fabric Weight: 250 g/m²

A new Magic Forest in a beautiful shade of red! Charming floral ornaments and fabulous animals woven into a red-brown cotton warp with white linen add a captivating sheen. This a jacquard woven textile which means that the pattern appears on both sides but with the palette is reversed.

Smooth and soft already with the first wash, the linen blend fabric is of medium weight, densely woven to offer enough support for carrying a newborn and heavier babies as well. With its perfect diagonal stretch the wrap will easily mould to the wearer and baby providing optimal comfort all while supporting the baby well.

Linen has temperature regulating properties, is well-suited for sensitive skin. It is a strong fiber that is long-lasting and sturdy, and makes a great woven wrap for all seasons! Linen blends may feel a bit stiff initially but quickly become soft and supple through washing and wear.

Note: Linen blends really do well when washed in as much water as possible, to minimise friction on the fibres. 

DIDYMOS woven wraps include illustrated, easy-to-follow instructions for various ways of tying and carrying.

  •  No weight or age restriction.
  •  Most versatile carrier as there are unlimited carries that can be used!
  •  Wear on the front, hip and back using one shoulder, two shoulders or torso and back only!
  •  Facilitates skin to skin newborn wearing, also known as kangaroo care.
  •  Custom fit to every person regardless of shape or size.
  •  Fully adjustable and therefore a great option for sharing the carrier with others.
  •  Ergonomic and facilitates the anatomically correct spread-squat-position (fetal tuck for newborns).
  •  Great for people with back and shoulder problems since woven wraps distribute weight over both shoulders.
  •  Great for both casual and extended daily wearing.
  •  Beautiful designs, colors and organic fibers.
  •  Tested to the EU and North American ASTM standards.

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