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Didymos Trias Orchid Wool Woven Baby Wrap

Didymos Trias Orchid Wool Woven Baby Wrap

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Release Date: December 14, 2020
Colours: Silver-Grey, Anthracite, Raw White, Pink
Fabric Composition: 70% Organic Cotton, 30% Wool
Fabric Weight: 390 g/m²

The Didymos Trias Orchid is very soft with a lovely texture. It is woven specially from a great blend of cotton and wool. The elegant grey tones of the cotton contrast beautifully with white and lipstick red that Didymos chose for the wool in order to add a modern, fashionable look to the stylish leaves pattern.

The fabric is a double weave that features the same pattern on both sides.
Due to the nature of the weave, the heavy weight fabric seems to be much more lightweight than it it really is. It is cushy and moldable with a very comfortable shoulder feel. The fabric is supportive with the right amount of stretch and allows for comfortable and precise tying of front, hip and back carriers.
All yarns meet the highest organic standards and all dyes are without any harmful substances.


*This Didymos is considered a "Direct Ship" Item. Since most babywearing retailers either no longer exist or no longer have a Didymos account, we are fortunate in having the relationship we do with them along with their continual support in the babywearing community. Due to the process of obtaining this for you, we ask that you allow 3-5 additional business days for shipment. Thank you for supporting small business and purchasing through Riddle. :)

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