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Magic Fir Forest Wool Woven Baby Wrap "NEW"

Magic Fir Forest Wool Woven Baby Wrap "NEW"

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Release Date:

October 25, 2021

Fabric Composition:

60% Organic Cotton / 40% Wool

Fabric Weight:

260 g/m²


Fir Green, Natural White


Woods and forests are magical places. Young children in particular are fascinated by the trees that seem to be giants, the fresh smells, the crackling noises, the rustling and chirping, unknown creatures hiding and peeking from behind the trees…It’s a world full of magic and adventure!

Babies enjoy discovering this wonderful world while being close to a parent/caregiver’s body. With a wrap or sling, one will be able to comfortably carry baby close when wandering over hills and through the “magical” woods. Didymos baby wraps are made for this!

The new Magic Fir Forest is a lovely take on the Magic Forest pattern which pairs dark green cotton with pure white wool providing softness and warmth during any outing. Magic Forest is a jacquard weave with the pattern the same on both sides of the fabric which adds a soft textile feel.

The fabric is a heavier weight at 260 g/m² which is very supportive yet it remains soft to the touch. The fabric has optimal diagonal stretch. This release is ideal for wearing newborns all the way to young children of preschool age. It adapts to many situations and carries.

Woven from organic cotton and pure new wool and dyed with non toxic dyes, the Magic Fir Forest is absolutely free from any harmful substances.

*This Didymos is considered a "Direct Ship" Item. Since most babywearing retailers either no longer exist or no longer have a Didymos account, we are fortunate in having the relationship we do with them along with their continual support in the babywearing community. Due to the process of obtaining this for you, we ask that you allow 3-5 additional business days for shipment. Thank you for supporting small business and purchasing through Riddle. :)

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