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"Rider Waite Holographic" Tarot Cards

"Rider Waite Holographic" Tarot Cards

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In 1909, artist Pamela Colman Smith’s involvement with the Order of the Golden Dawn led to a commission from Arthur Edward Waite to create a 78-card tarot deck. Originally known as the Rider deck, it was the first to include full pictorial scenes for the Minor Arcana pips. Pamela’s varied mystical influences are evident throughout the deck. Once considered revolutionary, The Rider-Waite deck has set the standard for hundreds of other decks and has inspired a myriad of different versions. This is the prettiest of them all. This thick deck boasts gorgeous holographic images. Just holding them is magical. 

Be careful when price comparing this deck. Many decks out there are just not the same. We learned the hard way. This is truly a quality set. :)

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